Hottest of CES 2022: Our 20 Favorite Launches From the Show

There was no shortage of innovation at CES 2022, but there were some big hits for consumers as well. The new technology for televisions is one of the biggest reveals at the event. LG is taking the OLED category even further, introducing smaller versions of its flagship C-Series OLED. Other highlights include the company’s first-ever 4K television, which will be available in a variety of colors.

virtual reality:

The next-generation virtual reality headset from Sony was announced at the show, dubbed VR2. The PlayStation VR2 Sense controller is inspired by the Oculus Touch and will have adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Another big news from CES was a new game from Guerrilla Games, Horizon Call of the Mountain. The VR gaming experience is proving to be a big deal for Sony, and the company’s product line is booming.

InstaView: LG is bringing a refrigerator with a 77-inch OLED display and a built-in camera and microphones. OPPO’s AR Eyewear: a wearable device that allows you to control your smartphone with voice and touch. It also has a system tracker, chat viewer, and a dedicated touch pen. These are just a few of the exciting products that were announced at the show.

electric and autonomous vehicles:

VR: VR is a big part of CES. Increasingly, there are more car manufacturers exhibiting at the show. This year, we saw many new models for electric and autonomous vehicles. Mercedes showcased their Vision AVTR concept car, which is based on the popular movie Avatar. Sony showed off its EV with Sony technologies. There’s something for everyone at the show, including a new phone from Apple.

LG: LG’s ROG Strix and Zephyrus gaming monitors were big showstoppers. These new products feature OLED panels and 120Hz refresh rates, which make them the most powerful gaming monitors ever. On the second day of CES, LG also showed off a new lineup of kitchen appliances. Some of these devices are even capable of playing music. Aside from these, there were some cool gadgets for everyone.

upcoming smartphones:

Razer: The company often has the most booth space at CES, but they’re also important players in the industry. In their keynote, they unveiled their new triple-screen gaming laptop, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 with a full-color touchscreen next to the keyboard. In addition, the company revealed details of upcoming smartphones. Its new phones will be on sale this year.

Samsung: At CES 2022, Samsung announced its G8QNB display, a Quantum Dot OLED panel. The first product to combine QD and OLED technologies, it offers users the ability to customize the look and feel of their screen. While these are just a few of the new products that are making headlines at CES 2022, the new devices have a lot to offer consumers.

wearable tech startup Movano:

Razer: The wearable tech startup Movano introduced its smart ring at CES 2022. The Movano ring is similar to the Oura Ring 3rd Generation, but with more advanced features and lower prices. Aipoly Autonomous Store Platform and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X chipsets were other notable CES innovations. The following is a list of our 20 favorite launches from CES.

Sony: The company revealed a new virtual reality headset at CES 2022. The VR2 Sense controller, modeled after the Oculus Touch, will feature haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Firesprite and Guerrilla Games are releasing a VR spin-off of their Horizon series. Its VR version will be the first to provide haptic feedback to the user.


Samsung: The eco-TV remote is a new innovation that harnesses wifi frequencies. The eco-TV remote recharges itself with wifi signals, instead of batteries. Its wireless charging case will be available in early 2020. In addition, LG also teased a new gaming laptop and a new gaming monitor for professionals. A number of other products are on the way. The hottest of CES 2022: our 20 favorites from the show

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