What is BabelExt?

BabelExt is a library (or perhaps more of a boilerplate) meant to simplify the development of cross-browser extensions for the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari

Who is BabelExt for?

It’s likely that BabelExt will appeal most to either new extension developers, or to the existing pool of Greasemonkey script developers – which is how I got started with extension development. The transition from Greasemonkey development to browser extension development wasn’t too difficult – but there are a few nuances in each browser that are a bit of a pain to circumvent if you’re in a “Greasemonkey mindset”

What does BabelExt do to help me?

BabelExt takes care of commonly used functionality that you might want to perform in content-script-like extension. Some of these things seem simple, but each browser has its own function calls and way of working, including, but not limited to:

  • Accessing and controlling browser windows
  • Accessing and controlling tabs (i.e. opening a link in a new one and choosing if it’s focused)
  • Cross domain http requests (extensions require)
  • Storing data (using HTML5 localStorage or similar/equivalent engines)
  • Adding URLs to history (to mark visited)
    • Note: this is a bit of a hack in all non-Chrome browsers…
  • Triggering notifications in the browser or desktop (depending on the browser’s capability)

What does BabelExt NOT do?

Well, a lot! Most things, in fact! However, I have some clear goals, and some clear things I’m probably not interested in adding to BabelExt… Specifically, it’s geared towards assisting in content script development – extensions that enhance specific websites or functionality on the web.

It’s not meant to handle building each browser’s native settings consoles/panels, etc. They’re just too different from each other to try and abstract into a nice little package, and with the 4 supported browsers all handling modern HTML/CSS/Javascript so well – it makes sense (to me, anyhow) to build settings consoles and the like using those technologies.

That’s what I did with Reddit Enhancement Suite, and it has worked rather well.

If, however, you have ideas for things to add to BabelExt – I’m all ears!  I’d love to hear your suggestions.  Just bear in mind: if it can’t be done on all 4 browsers, it probably shouldn’t be a part of BabelExt.

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