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BabelExt is coming soon…

An early version exists on github, but I’ll be adding a couple more features before I make any announcement or do any promotion of it.

The initial version will be simple, and support only a few core features:

  • Greasemonkey abstraction – so that you can (probably) paste in Greasemonkey scripts and turn them into extensions for all 4 browsers quite easily.
  • Abstraction for the following common browser extension APIs:
    • Tab creation (including choosing if it will be focused / backgrounded)
    • Cross domain xmlhttprequests
    • Extension storage, for storing data, settings, etc.
    • History API (native for Chrome, “faked” for Firefox, Opera and Safari)

The next step will be to post it to github and get community feedback on the initial architecture before moving too far forward with additional features, etc.

Some sample code:

  method: "GET",
  url: 'http://www.babelext.com/',
  onload: function(data) {

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